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Av T-side Ape - 27 februari 2012 10:55

As I paint my Nurgle Team and plan their future in PEBBLe (the league) I can’t help myself planning what I should paint when they are done. In the long run, like in 5-8 years, I would like to have all teams and all starplayers painted or so it seems now when the Blood Bowl bug bites me. And it is a real big chunk it has taken out of my arm this time.

1) Starplayers: I have some starplayers left to paint for my Orcs, Vampire, Nurgle and Wood elfs. I will try to squeeze in a star or two between other models/teams. The Orc starplayers are almost done and for Nurgle are Lord Borak and Max S. ready and waiting for the paint.

2) Chaos Dwarf: The Volmarian team from Greebo that I bought during the summer, and the Bull centaurs would be nice to paint. They don’t have any nice Minotaur but Uscarl miniatures makes one that I like. I don’t like the hobgoblins that much but I don’t know if I care to exchange them for some other models. The original hobgoblins from Gran Wendy might do if I can find some cheap ones. Team name: Pennybridge Slavers? Maybe not.

3) Lizardmen: Sarcos from Greebo. A really nice alligator team that I bought in the same shipment from Greebo. It is ready and waiting for the paint. But to paint green? At the moment I am kind of sick at that colour. Name: Cerebral assassins (a neuropsychological pun).

4) Chaos: I have the beastmens from Gazpes-arts but I would like some nice warriors. Maybe some hillbilly redneck models for a team in “Old McKhornes farm”-style. Boondockers from North stars spring to mind and so does Blue moon manufacturings hillbillies models.

5) Amazon/human: I have ordered a team of Amazons that will take priority when it arrives. It is for my fiancée, as she would like to start play blood bowl. But she doesn’t like the teams I have so I will paint her one own. I will make it so she can play Amazon, human and maybe even Norse with the same models. The basic models for the team are the timberland elves from impact with some reinforcements.

That was all the teams and models that I already have at home (or have ordered) but it is not all the teams I am considering:

6) Norse: I really like Uscarls Scots and would like to buy them soon. As I need the great Minotaur for my Chaos Dwarfs I will pick up these Scots too. “Pennybridge Highlanders”?

7) High Elfs (Pro Elfs): I would like another Elf team and as we already have two dark elfs teams in PEEBLe, and I already have Wood Elfs… Black scorpions human team are a great team for High Elfs and I have prior some undead pirates from Black Scorpion, which are great sculpts. Not ordered but thinking about it.

8) Necromantic / Undead: Willy miniature has a double deal with 16 models that works for both Necromantic and Undead. The models are great and it is possible to order them from many retailers at the same price. As I already have the flesh golems from Franarscilla miniatures I might also be able to make a Khemri team out of it somehow.

9) Dwarf: Neomics have a great Dwarf team with Biker dwarf. I don’t really like the dwarf team in the game as I see them as boring to play but a “Dwarves of Anarchy” – DoA – biker gang will have to enter the pitch eventually.

10) A stunty team: I would like a team with Goblins or Halflings. Ramos halflings are looking great and if that team get on sale I will get one. Neomics Goblins and Franarscillas Goblins also look good. And Franarscillas Goblins get me thinking about a Underworld team and for that I need some skavens…

I tell you, I am bitten… and it hurts.

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 26 februari 2012 12:26

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 18 februari 2012 22:13

I have built myself some rotters today so sometimes I actually do what I write that I will do in this blogg 


And then some:


The Nurgle Team is getting together nicely. I am pondering to make a Amazon team for my fiancee and a Underworld team out of Franarscillas new models. But first things first, 3 more pestigors, 6 rotters, Max and Borak and the super secret "Coach/Wizard/What ever"-side line miniature...

About Nurgle, I hope you have not missed Willy Miniatures beast of Pestilance? Another great mini I will have to get. Maybe as the star player Brick Far´th?

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 17 februari 2012 13:46

New players for BK Likröta: #2 "Ruben the Black", #4 "the Stork", #5 "Hitte-Joel". Here seen posing and playing with #3 "the Baker" and #1 "the Thing". The players are here practising "hitting the catcher"-tactics.





I belive I will be able to finish the team for GothBowl. The big part is building the additional rotters the team will need so I try to get to that this weekend. I have some GW zombies somewhere...

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 14 februari 2012 10:29

I have a headache... The final for Pennybridge Educated Blood Bowl League (PEBBLe) season 2 was this last Sunday and my Orc team Ork Illegal was in it and met Clashingbone Deadskins, a necromantic team that won the first season. The tension was high before the match as the road for the finals had been long and hard. Ork Illegal won 6, draw 1 and lost 1 during the ordinary season, and succeeded to win both the quarter- and the semifinal on pure aggression. The team that would face the Orks had an even better record with 8 won and 1 lost prior the final.

The final was very sunny and the play was fiercely tight as the Orc spent the first half defending against the necromantic push. With the orcs targeting the werewolves and ghouls and playing really disciplined without any mistakes or gaps in the formation the clashinbones really struggled to get down field. In the end of the first half they had to try a desperate play but the agility 4 wight fumbled the pass and the Orcs had done it, stopped the drive.

When the orcs ran into the field for second half and discovered that both the knocked out werewolves still was knocked they got there hopes really high. The second half was a 7 turn box grind, standard orc play and with the luck off nuffle the casualties kept rolling in and when the orcs scored the necromantic had four players in the dead and injury both.

The rest is history. Ork Illegal won over Clashingbone Deadskins with 1 - 0 and are the winners of season 2 of PEBBLe. I haven't been able to report about this until now because I just woke up after the party.

The Champions of PEBBLe season 2 - Ork Illegal


/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 12 februari 2012 09:27

Bollklubben Likröta (Ball Club Corpes Rot) - on they way to GothBowl - are proud to present their newest player "the Thing" playing as number 1. Here seen next to number 3 - "the Baker" - the playing coach that are puting together the team.


 the Thing - Beast of Nurgle playing for Bollklubben Likröta

More players are on the way to the roaster and we all hope that the team will be ready to take place and try to win at GothBowl.



This is a painting, modeling and gaming blog following my interests in miniature games. It is focused on the game Blood Bowl.

/ M.

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