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First looser

Av T-side Ape - 30 april 2012 15:35

This weekend I went to Stockholm on a short vaccation, and to play som blood bowl at Stock Bowl Cup II. The tournament was held in the outshirts of stockholm in a little dark youth revreation center but even thou the facilities wasnt top notch the coaches and people was great. The tournament was smooth without any hickups and I think all 14 coaches enjoyed themself (with one exeption that I will get to).


Team setup

2 wardancers (with stripp ball)

4 catchers (2 block, 2 wrestle)

5 linemen

3 rerolls

Match one. Skaven.

I got the ball kicked to me and tried to get a fast score. Missed my dodge (those ones!) and a gutter runner scored. I had Cased 3 players fast so I wasnt unlucky. Got the ball kicked to my again and scored fast. Then Skaven Cased 5 of my players before the half. he just rolled insane injuries. The game was close non the less but ended 2-3 to the vermin as I hadnt the players to pressure him enought.


Pictures from game 1. Second picture show my dead and injury both 2nd turn 2nd half.

Game 2. Undead. Team name "Streatfighters IV"

The second coach was a childhood friend that I hadnt played against in years. He hadnt played that much Blood Bowl this last years but I remember him as a solide coach from way back. I rolled a blitz against him after I had scored a quick TD with ment that I had a 2-0 lead after the first half. As he didnt CASed enougth players I could keep the pressure and won with 4-1.


Picture from my first drive down the left side and a second picture when he is struggling to keep the pieces together after my blitz.

Game 3. Orks.

The third coach was kind of grouchy when we started the game. His prior games had been awful and, well, I keep on rolling high. Wardancer harrased the ball and he didn´t get a break. 4-0 was the score in the end. He then left the tournament and went home.

Game 4. Orks.

I got a little taked aback after the last coach disappearance and felt a little guilty. This last coach was, on the other hand a real pleasent coach to play against and even thou he was a little enraged as he couldn´t get his CAS the first half (at games end he had 5 so it wasnt bad in any way) and his goblin couldnt land on his feet in his one turn attemts, it was a pleasent game. 3-0.

 Goddiebag content.

In total 13-4 in TD was the most TD:s in the tournament and 3 wins, +9TD got me the 2:nd place of all coaches. I got a miniature for my effort and a goodie bag as I had signed up early. The Stockbowl scene seems to have a lot of fast dodge teams: 4 Wood elfs, 1 dark elf, 2 skaven teams, 1 slann, 1 amazon. Next time I will bring some more tackle, maybe my new Chaos Dwarves, and wreck havoc.

As Stockbowl Cup was a qualifier for the Swedish team for EuroBowl 2012 and the winner didnt think he could go I hope that my 2:nd place will grant me his spot, but we will see...

One thing about Stockbowl that I would like to nit pick about: The tightness of the tournament. With 7 blood bowl fields in 7 square meter and just 2 hours per game without any pause between the games you where kind of fatigued at the end of the day.

Over all I was really happy with StockBowl and I will try to participate in the future.
/Coach M

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This is a painting, modeling and gaming blog following my interests in miniature games. It is focused on the game Blood Bowl.

/ M.

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