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Av T-side Ape - 3 januari 2012 14:09

When it comes to miniature painting I have the two different policies:
1. The first one shines through in my Quar models. I paint my Quar fast to get them done. My mission is to get painted models to play games with, not to try to evolve as a painter, modeler or things like that. It is not my best but it’s enough for the game to look good (but not great). I usually use this policy when I am painting a lot of models, like a whole army or for the Quar, two armies. Most of the models on this blog are painted in line with this policy. Let's call it quantity.
2. My other policy is to paint a model to the best of my ability, taking as much time as it takes to get it right. Let's call it quality.

I know by learning psychology that both these policies are crucial to improve as a painter, modeler and such. During 2011 I just used the quantity approach to finish blood bowl teams, my Cryx army and the Quars. As of 2012 I will begin to alternate between them.

For example I have begun a Victorian science fiction Ottoman army. The models are going to release of Ottoman steam punk characters/soldiers are so beautiful and I am going to buy them as soon as they all are released, se forum:
In waiting of the release of and I tried to convert my own Ottomans that would fit the future lead-adventure models. This is the first test model, painted for quality, (but I still not really done with the metal on the rifle):

And as a green:

Some more Ottomans are on the way, but so are the 27 Quar crusaders and the other houses.


Av T-side Ape - 30 december 2011 09:15

As the year approach its ending and a new one soon begins I would like to list my project for the next year. Not that I have any delusions on that I not will change my mind during the year but it is a great way to get my mind to ease. To plan and putting up some guidelines for my creativity is allways a way to focus and get things going.

Project 0: the blog

The first small change is this blog. I will try to write in English instead of Swedish, of two reasons: to be able to reach a bigger audience (all in vain I fear), and foremost to practice myself in expressing myself in the queens English. To be more adept to write in a more international language then Swedish are good and why not use this blog to serve that purpose? If you are on the same mission to learn or improve on a languge I can recommend, besides starting a painting blog:

Project 1: the Quar

The models that got this blog started and even got myself back into miniatures and wargaming are the Quars that zombie smith makes. The head zombie Aaron Brown continues churning out alot of lovely models and the third book about the Quars was released this summer/fall. At the moment I have 27 royalist painted and 27 crusaders almost done and some more ordered. My goal is to make enough forces for demo game of this this Quars war and of songs for our ancestors for my gaming friends this spring.

Project 2: Terrain

A long time I have had a yearning to make my own gaming table. I have started but have a long way to go before I am finished. My goal is to finish the Quar village for the demo game, whish include making some fields, some houses, beehives, fences, scarecrows, bushes, bridges etcetera. The problem for this project is the space and the lack of a large hobby area in my apartment. All the parts mention above is possible to make at my currant desk but the planed landscape with hills and a little river is not. I will have to compromise with my fiancee about that part.

The other part of the terrain is that it should be suitable to double as terrain for my warmahoardes play and for my next project...

Project 3: VSF

I saw this miniature and I was in love. Ottomans in steam punk setting is right down my alley besides the Quar. The Victorian Science Fiction (VSF) is an intriguing setting with a lot of lovely characters and flavor. My goal is to slowly build a small Ottoman VSF force with a lot of greenstuffed/converted models and paint them to the best of my ability. I hope some of my gaming friends will follow suit and start some other VSF nation.

Project 4: Warmahordes

I will continue to play games with my Cryx and my Skorne forces. To this day I still just have lost two games out of nearly 30 but if I participate in some real tournaments I think I can get my ass handed to me. The problem with this game is that you have to have so many miniatures that arent that nice to be able to make all the different lists. My goal is to have a fully painted 35 pts Terminus force and slowly expand towards 50 during 2012.

Project 5: Blood Bowl

This is my favorite game to play but as I today have three fully painted teams and I have not played that much with two of them so I am not in no hurry to paint another one. Even so, I have 3-4 unpainted teams at home and if I get a surge they will get pained. My goal is to during 2012 paint one of my Nurgle, Chaos Dwarf, Lizardmen or Chaos teams, and beside off painting, continue to play in and help to organize the local league and NärkeBowl 2012.

Project 6: Board games

Beside miniature games I am a huge board game fan. To build an adjustable roborally gameboard and to paint the robots are an old dream that I maybe will do this year. But just to play civilization, chaos in the old world or a game of throne is enough to make me happy.


Other things (that might get in my way)

This spring and parts of the fall 2012 am I am studying neuropsychology beside working full time. I know that a large part of my spare time will have to read books and preparing for the lectures. I am also thinking about the post-apocalypse and all the wonderful miniatures different companies have for that genre and I would like to write a novel about evolution at some time, but that could wait another year.

Happy New Year




This is a painting, modeling and gaming blog following my interests in miniature games. It is focused on the game Blood Bowl.

/ M.

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