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Av T-side Ape - 27 augusti 2012 15:28

Playing as number six as a Linerat in White Rat Thrashers are Twitch-itch Run-un. The team comes from the deep under the old world town Pennybridge and as all team members in White Rat Thrashers are he an albino rat who never had seen the light of the sun before he began playing at the Blood Bowl pitch.


Why we have chosen to focus on Twitch-itch is because he also play for the underworld team P.U.L.P (Partnership for Underachivers and Low Performance) there Twitch-itch and some of his fellow Skavens have teamed up with the green skins living in the deep below. As he has taken up playing for two team has he been suffering a lot of injuries but also learned to keep away from the fray with his own sidestepping routine – the twitch-turn-duck-jump.


The next Blood Bowl team to do: a kit-bashed Skaven teams out of parts from Skaven Clanrats and Crypt Ghouls with some shoulder pads from Impact miniatures. The base is one of the cobblestoned bases I made in a prior post. What is the reson to make this team? I would like to have a team that is competitive and playable at NAF championships, and to get there you have to have a team out of models from Gran Wendy.

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 19 augusti 2012 17:24


The feeling of having finished a whole team is great. In the beginning I thought that this project would be easy and fast but it took six months... Now I just have to practice with Chaos Dwarves so Ziggurat Showstoppers can join both NärkeBowl and StockBowl Cup III and stop some shows, hard.

I have some great possibilities of this because of the Chaos Dwarf player for Eurobowls team Sweden lives in my hometown and we practice a bit to be able to perform at EuroBowl.

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 30 maj 2012 09:29

Painting models

The Ziggurat Showstoppers are almost done. It is just some hobgoblins left and the basing of the team. The number one problem in painting in Sweden is the weather. If it is rainy it is so dark that you have to sit under a bright lamp to see, and if it is sunny it is really hot so the paint dries fast. This later is the problem at this season. To paint with a wet pallette is the trick but it is also a hassle.


Buying models

Bought some models from Gaspez this month - some reinforcements for my Wood elfs (extra linemen) and for my vampire (extra thralls - 8 aint enought) plus some Starplayers. I also bought Willy minitarues really fine undead team throu Gaspez, and with my pair of Franarscilla flesh golems (1,2) it will also dubble as a Necromantic team (they fits nicley as franarscilla also is the sculptor of - at least - the mummies and wights in the Willy team). 

Today the packet arrived (after maybe 4-5 days, so really fast) and Gaspez had put in 2 extra models and some shoulderpads. I have ordred models from many diffrent producers (impact, greebo, uscarl by others) and nobody has ever put in something extra in my orders. But Gaspez puts in 3 free models! I will use this extras as prizes in Mid Norsca Derby that runs 9-10 june in Örebro (Pennybridge).

The teams I have but not started to painted yet:

Norse team

Undead/Necromantic team

Amazon/human team

Chaos team

Lizardmen team

Skaven team

It is a little depressing but also totally normal for a Blood Bowl Coach.

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 19 april 2012 22:47

Bullcentaur done.

/coach M

Av T-side Ape - 5 april 2012 10:26

I am off for GothBowl this weekend. I am going to play with my Nurgle team and Nurgle is kind off weak in the GothBowl format but I am just playing for fun, right ? ;)

I have played with a new Nurgle team in the PEBBLe league this season and have 1-1-3 after five matches with is my worst ever with a new team. If you roll enough dubbleskulls you lose with a new Nurgle team is my lesson. I hope I will roll a little better at GothBowl and be able to take less risks.

I am also thinking about a skaven or Underworld team as I am not painting right now. The Chaos Dwarf should get some paint on them but I am lazy and cant really seem to get things done. Anyway, today when I should pack my bags and clean out my car for the trip to Gothenburg I sat down and made some Cobblestone bases for the future skaven team. I painted one to show the idea. The bases are made out of red lentils and sand:


And this is one base painted:

black                                          /grey brown/                            highlights + wash

I think it will look really good as bases for an "indoor"/underworld team. One question is if I should put some static grass among the stones?

/coach M.  

Av T-side Ape - 31 mars 2012 20:23

Bob: Jim, on the tournament scene in Sweden we have the two upcoming tournaments that you have to visit, both in April.

Jim: Yes Bob! You are off course talking about the classic GothCon ...

Bob: That right, the Easter blood feast, as it is known as.

Jim: and the brand new StockBowl Cup the last weekend in April.

Bob: It will be nice to see what those newcomers can throw together as a tournament, Jim.

Jim: Yes, they have some disturbing weather forecasts I have heard.

Bob: That is true. Our own forecast predicted that it would be alot off rain...

Jim: The notice was that it is expected to be raining cats and skavens, Bob.

Bob: Rats and skavens you mean?

Jim: Exactly, I slipped on the words...

Bob: ...and the players will be slipping on the carcasses.

Both: *laugh*

Jim: Over to the weather and our meteorologist Brian so he give us some facts about those unusual weather conditions.

Brian: I stand here prepered for the...

/Coach M. 

Av T-side Ape - 10 mars 2012 12:19

I am painting my first dwarf at the moment and are working on the colors. The model arn finished yet but the progress so far looks like this:


The pictures are taken in bad lightning. C&C are welcome.

On other Blood Bowl accounts I can recomend some links for you to visits besides those I have written about earlier.

Fantasy Bowl dices - Makes counters for diffrent fantasy fotball teams and some nice sideline figures.

Sanabeso custom fields - If you want to design your own field and dugout

JB deamon studios - makes some nice blood bowl models

/Coach M.


This is a painting, modeling and gaming blog following my interests in miniature games. It is focused on the game Blood Bowl.

/ M.

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