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Av T-side Ape - 2 mars 2012 16:14

Bagarn (the baker) has now gathered all his friends to form a team and try to win the Pennybridge Cup. The team is called Likröta BK and is seen here posing before their second game:

The new rotters and the beastmen also got a closeup taken of them:


The models for this team are mostly Franarscillas rotten team with the beast converted from a Chthonian Larva (rackham miniatures) and 2 of Gran Wendys plastic zombies. This is my 4:th fully painted blood bowl team and I am already planning to paint the Ziggurat Showstoppers next. But first some starplayers for Nurgle and maybe a coach.

/Coach M

Av T-side Ape - 26 februari 2012 12:26

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 18 februari 2012 22:13

I have built myself some rotters today so sometimes I actually do what I write that I will do in this blogg 


And then some:


The Nurgle Team is getting together nicely. I am pondering to make a Amazon team for my fiancee and a Underworld team out of Franarscillas new models. But first things first, 3 more pestigors, 6 rotters, Max and Borak and the super secret "Coach/Wizard/What ever"-side line miniature...

About Nurgle, I hope you have not missed Willy Miniatures beast of Pestilance? Another great mini I will have to get. Maybe as the star player Brick Far´th?

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 17 februari 2012 13:46

New players for BK Likröta: #2 "Ruben the Black", #4 "the Stork", #5 "Hitte-Joel". Here seen posing and playing with #3 "the Baker" and #1 "the Thing". The players are here practising "hitting the catcher"-tactics.





I belive I will be able to finish the team for GothBowl. The big part is building the additional rotters the team will need so I try to get to that this weekend. I have some GW zombies somewhere...

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 12 februari 2012 09:27

Bollklubben Likröta (Ball Club Corpes Rot) - on they way to GothBowl - are proud to present their newest player "the Thing" playing as number 1. Here seen next to number 3 - "the Baker" - the playing coach that are puting together the team.


 the Thing - Beast of Nurgle playing for Bollklubben Likröta

More players are on the way to the roaster and we all hope that the team will be ready to take place and try to win at GothBowl.


Av T-side Ape - 3 januari 2012 14:09

When it comes to miniature painting I have the two different policies:
1. The first one shines through in my Quar models. I paint my Quar fast to get them done. My mission is to get painted models to play games with, not to try to evolve as a painter, modeler or things like that. It is not my best but it’s enough for the game to look good (but not great). I usually use this policy when I am painting a lot of models, like a whole army or for the Quar, two armies. Most of the models on this blog are painted in line with this policy. Let's call it quantity.
2. My other policy is to paint a model to the best of my ability, taking as much time as it takes to get it right. Let's call it quality.

I know by learning psychology that both these policies are crucial to improve as a painter, modeler and such. During 2011 I just used the quantity approach to finish blood bowl teams, my Cryx army and the Quars. As of 2012 I will begin to alternate between them.

For example I have begun a Victorian science fiction Ottoman army. The models are going to release of Ottoman steam punk characters/soldiers are so beautiful and I am going to buy them as soon as they all are released, se forum:
In waiting of the release of and I tried to convert my own Ottomans that would fit the future lead-adventure models. This is the first test model, painted for quality, (but I still not really done with the metal on the rifle):

And as a green:

Some more Ottomans are on the way, but so are the 27 Quar crusaders and the other houses.


Av T-side Ape - 26 december 2011 11:15

In an attempt to summarize 2011 I would like to gather all the painted models by genre that I painted during 2011


During the year I have played in 2 tournaments and 2 seasons of the local league. Blood Bowl is the best game I know of and as a miniature game it is really beginner friendly as all you have to paint is 11-20 miniatures. For myself that means that I during 2011 finished some ork reinforcements and painted 2 full teams.
 Elf team   

 Vampyre Team  

 Extra orks for my orks team  


2011 was the year that I began to play Warmachine/Hordes. In my hometown Örebro the game really exploded as people for a long time had grown weary of GW:s games and the local friendly game store did a drive of Warmachine. I had some Cryx in a closet and bought some more and seems to have a knack for this game. I participated in 2 smaller tournaments and finished 2:nd and 1:st. Of that reason is a lot of miniatures I painted during 2011 Cryx, as you see below. Besides the miniatures on the pictures are 2 jacks and another 8 bane thralls finished but not photographed yet.

  Bane lord tartarus, Gorshade the bastard, Bloatthrall  

  Necrosurgoen, stitchthralls, brutethrall and 8 mechanithralls  





In the late fall of 2011 I begun to build and paint some houses and terrain for rural gaming table in Quar style. 3 houses are fully built and a 4:th is on the way, only 1 of the houses is painted.

 A Quar farm house


2011 began with the Quar and the Quar is still going strong. All my royalists are painted at the moment and the crusaders are almost done too as I have had some sparetime during these holidays.

 27 royalists



Around 90 models got painted during 2011. That is not bad considering the rest of my life, a full time new job, getting engaged, training, eating, sleeping and so on. I have some trouble balancing this hobby against other things I would like to do, even simple things like playing board games are hard to squeeze in when the brain is planing for miniature games. But that is also some off the thrill of this hobby.


Av T-side Ape - 10 december 2011 18:35

Målade färdigt huset som jag byggde i tidigare post. Bilderna på huset blev dock inte så bra då blixten gjorde att de ser väldigt konstiga ut.


Vidare håller jag på att bygga ihop ytterligare 3 hus i samma stil (fast med skorsten :) ). Planen är att i längden bygga ett helt 4*4 fots bord med en liten gård i mitten. Framförallt är det för att vara passande terräng för mina Quar, men även warmahordes skall gå att spela.

Passade även på att fotografera alla mina målade Quar royalister:


Nästa mål för mitt Quar-målande är lika många crusaders. Kanske hinner jag över jul.


Spelade även lite med mina Skorne i veckan och kan bara säga att eMorghul är snabb, oträffbar och likt en kryssningsrobot inställd på att döda motståndarens warcaster.



This is a painting, modeling and gaming blog following my interests in miniature games. It is focused on the game Blood Bowl.

/ M.

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