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Av T-side Ape - 24 juni 2013 18:52

After Low Cash Cup the whole team Sweden have been selected. I think we have a really strong team this year and that my goal, that team Sweden will finish above 8:th place, is really possible to achieve. The eight coaches this are Melisqus, Jammydodger, Dragons, Skoberget, Johnnyd, Mago, Ozt and me, Lard. As reserves we have two other strong coaches; Coma and Bloodbowlgurra. Anyhow, now it is summertime and the tournamentscene in Sweden are on vacation. In the autumn Team Sweden will have a training camp in September and then it is the big showdown in Oktober: EuroBowl. A bunch of Swedish coaches are going to the states for the Chaos Cup and the Spike Cup, and as mush as I would like to meet and beat some US-coaches, I will have to pass this year.

New Kids on the pitch
New team aren’t that many finished yet but we have some upcoming project that could need your support, if you like the minis:

Star bowl fantasy fotboll and Shadow elfs

2 different Halfling team from Willy miniatures are also coming, you can see the minis in this TFF thread

or at this picts:

Modelling: Old Ma Chaos

The team is coming along nicely. I have gotten some more hillbilly miniatures and are about to finish the marauders. For the farm animals (position players) I already have some beastmen from Gaspez but cant really decide if they are enough “farmy”. Here are some of my simple conversions on the Old Glory hillbillies. The models are really nice and fitting. The only problem was that Old Glory only sell the hillbillies in pack of 12 and even if I just wanted 3-5 models out of each pack I had to buy the whole “family”. If anyone wants some hillbillies with guns, axes or similar just contact me and we can arrange it.



before:   after:              


after, but not finished: 

I also got this miniature as the coach: 

That all for this time, Ill be back when I have painted some more minis.

/ Coach M.

NAF: Lard.

Av T-side Ape - 9 juni 2013 17:06

Some really fast progress on the team, 6 mauraders tabletop ready. The bases, some vanish and extra blodsplatter is all that needed for them to be complete. The miniatures are the four Tengu zombie mutants (3 fat blokes and one with the big hand. The cold war zombie is the second from the left in front, and to right of him is one of the Boondockers, but witout his old cleaver. 

The bighand Tengu mutant has also gotten a new head from a boondocker to look more redneck, hillbilly.


While I wait for more zombies and farmer models to arive I have basecoated some of the farmanimals. My soundtrack while painting is strait psychobilly with this song as the forerunner:

/Coach M

(NAF: Lard)

Av T-side Ape - 6 juni 2013 18:23

The story:

If you travel from Pennybridge to the village of Glanshammer and take the second road on the left towards Smithstorp and follow it over five miles you will eventually come to Ur-Pers old farm, lying alone in the woods with is few meager fields burn beat from the forest. After Ur-Per passed away ten winters ago in the dry-lung-cough, it looked like that the farm would be deserted. He had no close relatives and had an ill reputation because of his dim wits, that many believed were acquired by the desolate location and the farms stunted, unhealthy crops. Those who didn’t heeds that reasoning argued instead that he suffered from the dark water around the forests of Smithstorp, recognizable for its membrane changing of colour and acidic mineral flavours. The same water is said slowly to rot both brains and bones of a man while he is still alive.

So it came that a young widow and her six children sought out Glanshammer after her husband burned down the family farm with himself inside. To escape malicious rumours about idiocy and madness the widow moved from their native village Viiby to Ur-Pers old farm.
In the beginning the large family often visited Glanshammer and provisioned. The large sons were often seen in the village in their cart as they flirted with womenfolk and bought up the beasts the local farmers could spare. They often paid with cash and offered plenty of their liquor they seemed to have in vast amounts. They often had drifters working on the farm for food and shelter and the drifters spread stories of a generous, loving family. Many townfolks also bumped into them in the forests brows or mire quagmire searching of prey. Often they shared they meal with strangers and the food they offered were almost always the finest meat, tender and tasting. The farm prospered and took out new fields out of the forest. They got the finest harvests people in the soundings area had seen, which was surprising given the farms history of meagre soils.

Then the rumours started. First one of the Dukes rangers went missing during a hunt in the northern forests, not farm from the family’s farm. Then there was some vagrants who disappeared after last been seen working for the family. Finally Stor-Erik of Garvshyttan testified that he found a human fingernail when he ate a sausage he had gotten from one son in the family. All of Glanshammer was to agree, the curse that Ur-Pers farm had taken the whole family. They were not welcome in Glanshammer anymore. What other than wicked demon worshiper could get a deserted forest farm to flourish? The chaos gods must be worshiped in their homes and demons could be seen shining behind their eyes. All shunned them and went detours around them if they came down the road. The shops in Glanshammer closed if they came into the village and no one spoke with them. They had to start going to Pennybridge to shop, but the road was long and burdensome. Without the trade the family had a difficulty with money and grow even more isolated.

Banished and alone the family turned to the only body that provides the justice and revenge in society. The place where anyone can take out their frustration in violence and get revenge under the crowds jubilation. They called them self "Old Ma Chaos" and signed up the family, farmhands and animals to endure the Blood Bowl pitch in all its  g(l)ory!


To make the team I have been looking for fitting models, alot. In the beginning I thougt that gaspez arts farmanimal beastmen was perfect as beastmen in a chaos team and I would just need 4 fitting farmers as warriors. But the Gaspez models are huge! I bought the boondockers from brigade games minatures but they looked like midgets next to the huge animals so I had to change tracks. From Chaos team to Chaos Pact. The farmers will be the 10 mauraders and the animals the 6 positional players. So I started looking for 10 fitting farmers... The goal was a cannibalistic hillbilly mutants ala "hills have eyes" but I soon had to put zombie in there to because I found Tengu models. The number of Zombie farmer models I could find on the internet wasnt that many thou. Tengu had some and Cold war miniature had one.




Cold war miniature:


I have also ordered som Zombies/farmers from the Malifaux range, from Reaper and from lead-adventure, but if you know any great Zombie/farmer/cannibal models that would fit with this team feel free to share them with me. 


As these players are getting ready to face the music I will try to share them with you. The goal is 16 players and a display base for the team as I saw so many great display bases at the NAF championship. Two players have gotten some paint on them:




Here is also the hills have eyes for you all to watch. Its a real horror classic.


/Coach M.      

(NAF: Lard)


This is a painting, modeling and gaming blog following my interests in miniature games. It is focused on the game Blood Bowl.

/ M.

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