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Av T-side Ape - 31 december 2012 10:57

2013 was my "best" Blood Bowl year this far. In this recap I will look back and see what happend.


Finished the painting of my Nurgle team Likröta BK. 15 miniatures.



Painted a Weather goblin. 1 Miniature (16 in total)


Played at GothBowl with the Nurgle team but got trashed. Read this recap. Conclussion: Nurlge is a hard tournament team.

In the last weekend of April I tried my luck in StockBowl Cup II and got second place with Wood Elves out of 16 coaches. Never met the one who got first place.


Organized an participated in a selection tournament for Team Sweden for EuroBowl. I ended at place 3 out of 22 coaches with Wood elves.


Finished the painting of my Chaos Dwarves team Ziggurath Showstoppers. 15 models (31 in total)


Also in the late september I organized the Blood Bowl tournament NärkeBowl 2012, see this pictures.


Team Sweden went to Copenhagen to participate in EuroBowl. Team Sweden ended 8/14 and I got 66/112 in the individuall standing. Se this recap from the tournament.


Finished the painting of my Skaven team White Rat Thrashers. 15 Models (46 in total)



The last month of 2012 I painted 4 reinforcement thralls for my Vampire team - Pennybridge Super Suckers. 4 models (50 in total).


I also bagun painting a amazon/human-team for my fiancee. 6 models (56 in total). The team name is undetermined but "Nun shall pass" is maybe the hotest candidate at the moment.


Lastly during December 2012 I got elected as the new Team Leader for Team Sweden 2013. It is a great honor and I hope to be able to chose coaches for team Sweden during the Spring 2013.

I hope 2013 bring as much great Blood Bowl experience as 2012 has. For tournaments GothBowl and EuroBowl is mandatory. I will go to DOUBT next week and I think about going to the NAF championship (25th & 26th May 2013 - Nottingham).

For organizing I will organize a selection tournament for Team Sweden during the spring and a practice weekend for the team in September.

2012 I painted 56 models in total. That aint so much but it doubled the number of finished teams. Now I have 6 painted teams. For 2013 I hope to finish 2-4 more, beyond the rest of the amazons.

Happy New Year!

Lard / Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 15 april 2012 22:07

The Easter came and went. As holiday I went to GothBowl and got trashed. My Nurgle team came in at place 24/34 with a 1-1-2 (w-d-l) record. As my defense I have to state that Nurlge stink in that kind of format that GothBowl runs. Non the less I got a price for best painted model, saken - The thing, number one in Likröta BK took that trophy. One of my black orks in New Ork On the Block won the same price last year so im really happy.

Pics from GothBowl

Match 1 lizardmen 1-2


match 2 high elfs 1-1

The High elf coach was the runner up in GothBowl 2012   


match 3 Norse 2-1  

match 4 Undead 0-1  

This is in my turn 2 first half, 1 CAS 3 KO, sick!


"The Prize"


Now the pressure is on, I have to win the same price next year, and place my team higher in the rankings. Even thou it is nice to win a painting price, the real trophy is the first place. To be able to stand a fighting chance I have decides to paint a skaven team.

   Raw material for a cheap skaven team + numbered shoulderpads from impact

It is many skaven teams available on the market but i do not think any of the teams are that great so i bought some models to convert on the convention. A pack of clan rats and a pack of crypt ghouls from Gran Wendy has enough nice parts to make a full Skaven team, without a rat ogre. The cobblestone bases fit nicely for the ratpeople.





I will make some balls for the throwers hands, otherwise it is almost done. They will be painted in albino skin and some other color. I have played around a bit on color scheme designer but have not decided yet. I have to paint my chaos dwarf first, but then the skaven will get their colors.

Team name? I am working on it: "Närkes underjord" , "Toilettrunners", "White Trash Rats", "Underrats", "Bettstörda gnaggare", "Den Svenska Under Horden".

For rat ogre I think about franarscillas or willys.

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 2 mars 2012 16:14

Bagarn (the baker) has now gathered all his friends to form a team and try to win the Pennybridge Cup. The team is called Likröta BK and is seen here posing before their second game:

The new rotters and the beastmen also got a closeup taken of them:


The models for this team are mostly Franarscillas rotten team with the beast converted from a Chthonian Larva (rackham miniatures) and 2 of Gran Wendys plastic zombies. This is my 4:th fully painted blood bowl team and I am already planning to paint the Ziggurat Showstoppers next. But first some starplayers for Nurgle and maybe a coach.

/Coach M

Av T-side Ape - 26 februari 2012 12:26

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 18 februari 2012 22:13

I have built myself some rotters today so sometimes I actually do what I write that I will do in this blogg 


And then some:


The Nurgle Team is getting together nicely. I am pondering to make a Amazon team for my fiancee and a Underworld team out of Franarscillas new models. But first things first, 3 more pestigors, 6 rotters, Max and Borak and the super secret "Coach/Wizard/What ever"-side line miniature...

About Nurgle, I hope you have not missed Willy Miniatures beast of Pestilance? Another great mini I will have to get. Maybe as the star player Brick Far´th?

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 17 februari 2012 13:46

New players for BK Likröta: #2 "Ruben the Black", #4 "the Stork", #5 "Hitte-Joel". Here seen posing and playing with #3 "the Baker" and #1 "the Thing". The players are here practising "hitting the catcher"-tactics.





I belive I will be able to finish the team for GothBowl. The big part is building the additional rotters the team will need so I try to get to that this weekend. I have some GW zombies somewhere...

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 12 februari 2012 09:27

Bollklubben Likröta (Ball Club Corpes Rot) - on they way to GothBowl - are proud to present their newest player "the Thing" playing as number 1. Here seen next to number 3 - "the Baker" - the playing coach that are puting together the team.


 the Thing - Beast of Nurgle playing for Bollklubben Likröta

More players are on the way to the roaster and we all hope that the team will be ready to take place and try to win at GothBowl.


Av T-side Ape - 21 januari 2012 23:21

I bought a new computer last week and am really happy to have a real computer to work with. A side effect is that I at last can play some modern computer games.That isnt a problem but it cuts into my painting and modeling, or rather, it has been non excistant this last weeks.

But today I got the urge back again. During the morning I played a Blood Bowl quarter final in our local blood bowl league and I enjoyed myself very much.

Picture from the game between my orks and some chaos dwarfs. 

In one fell swoop I desides that I would play another team next season (I have growned tired of orks) and I will parcipitate in GothBowl 2012 - a turnament that runs during the easter weekend. For both these occations I would like to play a Nurgle team. So when the game was done I sat down and begun to build a beast of Nurlge for my team BK Likröta (Ball club corpses rot).

The "green" of the thing

For the local league-season I dont have to have a painted team, even thou it gives some perks to have it painted, and for the GothBowl the team has to be painted so I will have anyway have to get the colors on the miniatures rather soonish. I will try to begin paint this... thing... (?) tomorrow. 



This is a painting, modeling and gaming blog following my interests in miniature games. It is focused on the game Blood Bowl.

/ M.

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