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Av T-side Ape - 31 december 2012 10:57

2013 was my "best" Blood Bowl year this far. In this recap I will look back and see what happend.


Finished the painting of my Nurgle team Likröta BK. 15 miniatures.



Painted a Weather goblin. 1 Miniature (16 in total)


Played at GothBowl with the Nurgle team but got trashed. Read this recap. Conclussion: Nurlge is a hard tournament team.

In the last weekend of April I tried my luck in StockBowl Cup II and got second place with Wood Elves out of 16 coaches. Never met the one who got first place.


Organized an participated in a selection tournament for Team Sweden for EuroBowl. I ended at place 3 out of 22 coaches with Wood elves.


Finished the painting of my Chaos Dwarves team Ziggurath Showstoppers. 15 models (31 in total)


Also in the late september I organized the Blood Bowl tournament NärkeBowl 2012, see this pictures.


Team Sweden went to Copenhagen to participate in EuroBowl. Team Sweden ended 8/14 and I got 66/112 in the individuall standing. Se this recap from the tournament.


Finished the painting of my Skaven team White Rat Thrashers. 15 Models (46 in total)



The last month of 2012 I painted 4 reinforcement thralls for my Vampire team - Pennybridge Super Suckers. 4 models (50 in total).


I also bagun painting a amazon/human-team for my fiancee. 6 models (56 in total). The team name is undetermined but "Nun shall pass" is maybe the hotest candidate at the moment.


Lastly during December 2012 I got elected as the new Team Leader for Team Sweden 2013. It is a great honor and I hope to be able to chose coaches for team Sweden during the Spring 2013.

I hope 2013 bring as much great Blood Bowl experience as 2012 has. For tournaments GothBowl and EuroBowl is mandatory. I will go to DOUBT next week and I think about going to the NAF championship (25th & 26th May 2013 - Nottingham).

For organizing I will organize a selection tournament for Team Sweden during the spring and a practice weekend for the team in September.

2012 I painted 56 models in total. That aint so much but it doubled the number of finished teams. Now I have 6 painted teams. For 2013 I hope to finish 2-4 more, beyond the rest of the amazons.

Happy New Year!

Lard / Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 30 november 2012 13:52

It is always like this. You have an ambition to write often but then it gets less often and more not at all. But hey, now I am back with allot to tell you.

New kids on the pitch

Team Snö from Greebo is a new beautiful Norse team and if you are in the mind frame to buy a Norse team this is one of the best on the market.

UsCarl miniatures have released a Renegade elf team that could work for dark elfs.

Gaspez have some mummies for ther Egyptian warrior team - Khemri.

Willy miniature is about to kick start a Chaos team   that also looks really great. They have no miniatures yet but the pictures look top notch.

There is also this kick starter for some goblin secret weapons with a Halloween theme, and maybe a robotic troll...

I might have missed some of the new miniatures due to the long "blog writers block" but in the case I find newer teams out there they will be added in future Side Line recaps.

Bowl overview

This section will be mostly about EuroBowl but first I will mention the upcoming tournaments in Sweden. Next year has a great start of the tournament scene in Sweden!

Choose from:

Landskamp Denmark vs. Sweden - round 3.12 January in Copenhagen. RES/SWISS 1100K + 3 skills.

DOUBT IV 12-13 January in Umeå. RES/SWISS 1200K +4 skills (+2 more after game 4) 6 games in total.

TWIN mountain cup, 26-27 January in Sundsvall. RES/SWISS 1100K + skillpacks.

I am sure I will go to DOUBT and then we will see if can join any more tournament.

EuroBowl report

I was in team Sweden and went to Copenhagen to play some Blood Bowl. I had a Wood elf team with 2 wardancers, 4 catchers, 5 linemen and 3 rerolls. In hindsight can I see that it wasn't that optimal... It was great fun to hang with Team Sweden and to approach the game as a team. That was totally different from regular tournaments. The arrangement was also super good. The Danes had really made an effort to make it a perfect blood bowl tournament and I think they were pretty close to perfection.

 Team Sweden in all its glory

Game 1

We meet Belgium first and I was up against another wood elf coach - Da great MC. He played 2 wardancers, 4 catchers, 1 tree, 4 line and 2 reroll. Sure hands on a catcher, strip ball on a wardancer and one more skill I do not remember.


After a brutal Pitch invasion traded we TD:s for 1-1. He had the ball for a second try first half. I got a leap/sack chance with my strip ball wardancer, got the ball lose and then after a bunch it ended in my wardancers hand. Sadly he couldn't get away with it as he was out of moment so The MC just rolled a POW and scored in turn 8. In second half no one was able to stop the other one from scoring so the result was 3-4 to MC. He was the better player and had a little better time management so he was up 2-1 till the second half.

         The Belgium team gave us a great treat to eat. 

Team Sweden over all draw agains the Belgium team - 4-4.

Game 2

Next up was England and I was up against a Chaos Dwarf team played by Lycos. This was my 6:th NAF ranked game in my life. It was his 807:th...

I got the ball and the offense but wasn't able to stall enough as I had to score in turn 4. That meant that he had 5 turns to even things out. He got a high kick on a bull centaur that cached the ball and ran the Bull in a cage that was really hard to stop. 1-1 after first half. In second half he picked up the ball with a bullcantaur and ran it in a cage. It was hard to stop also this time. My one turn attempt failed.

As a curiosity was the only player that failed a roll in the Chaos Dwarf team the Minotaur, he rolled both down 4 times during the game. Due to this had Lycos not used a single reroll during the whole game.

1-2 Loss.

Over all beat the English team the crap out of Sweden. I think the result was 2-6 to England.

Game 3

A little discouraged I went into the next game against Scotland. To my surprise I meet a Swede - Tribble - that played as a freebooter for Scotland. To my joy was he playing Goblins.


It got even better when I rolled Blitz! for the first drive, stole the ball and scored on my turn 1. I then proceeded with another Blitz! roll, another TD and all the Bribes gone. Let's summarize the rest of the game with this: Tribble had really bad dices and I rolled great. Nuffle gives and Nuffle takes.

End result 5-0. Win!

Sweden vs. Scotland went in our favour as we won and Team Sweden got back some steam for game 4.

Game 4

This was a game against Finland (or minor Sweden as we think about it). I was up against a freebooter from Denmark so I had two of our neighbors in the same match. I was facing Kneagtens Humans and as he has his own playbook I thought I had him scouted pretty well.

This was a crazy game in all regards. Kneagten played as he writes in his playbook and fouled, 13-14 times during the game. He was evicted 2 times. He succeeded to score in the first half with a crazy play #pick up, pass, catch in tackle zones...# and evened things out to 1-1. As second half come along so did "get the ref" and the fouling continued. In the end I did not have the man power to stop him so I had to play for a draw with a desperate play. Let's call it Nobody puts side-step wardancer in the corner without the ball.

And yes, you can see my whole team at that point in this picture. Kneagten did that 5+ dodge with a catcher and blitzed both players out in the audiens before he scored. All without reroll.  

2-3 loss.

The important thing is that Sweden won over Finland. 6-2

Second day

Game 5

After cleaning our cabin we faced of against France. I was up against Elyoukey who played Lizardmen.

It was a good game. I scored 1-0 in the first half and succeeded to prevent Elyoukey to equalize. Second half started and the wood elf team had forgot to put on their armor... In a few turns the whole team just vanished to the knock out, injury booths. For the last 2 turns Tribble went for a clearing of the pitch but I succeeded to have one player standing. The game ended 1-1. Draw.

All my players on the pitch and some of his.  

As a whole was France better than Sweden that day and won 5-3 over us.

Game 6

Spain was our next challange and I was facing Barrys Norse. A very nice looking team.


I scored easy in first half leaving Barry with two turns to equalize. He rolled well and we had 1-1 after first half. For the first game in a while my players stayed on the pitch so I could slow Barry down in the second half. It was a tight defense and Barry couldn't find any cracks. On the other side, I couldn't get to the ball.

The game ended 1-1 Draw.

Over all Sweden got another beating and Spain won. 5-3

Game 7

Final game was againstSwitzerland and I was facing BDG and his Skavens.

He started with the ball and tried a pass that fell short. I could take the lead and after the next kick-off sack the ball high up on his court. After first half I had a 2-0 lead. I attacked second half and got 3-0. He suceeded to do a TD. I failded my last 2+ roll for 4-1 and he scored for the end result.

3-2 Win.

Sweden won over Switzerland. 6-2.

As the dust settled It seemed that Sweden came on place 8/14. With my 2 won, 2 draw, 3 losses I placed 66 out of 112 coaches. The total experience was a blast! I will definitive do it again if I get the chance. All the coaches and the staff where really friendly and by far this was the best tournament I ever been to.

Next year it is in Austria!

Ready steady go!

At last have I finished the White Rat Thrashers - my new Skaven team made to be possible to play at tournaments that just will accept miniatures from Gran Wendy.  So I give you:


The team have basecolor as follows: white - thrower, yellow - gutterrunners, red - blitzers.

What will i do next? Undead/Nekro i think...

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 1 oktober 2012 20:04


NärkeBowl 2012 results

 /Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 12 augusti 2012 15:38

In collaboration with Örebro universitets spelförening, we present


NärkeBowl 2012

29-30 september, Örebro universitets Kårhus.

Scroll down for the rules in swedish.

Register to with complete line-up, name, mobile and NAF number. Last day to register is 16/9. Cost 150 sek, payment via paypal to All participating coaches gets 3 special block dices, design as in picture:


Lördag 29/9

09:30 - 10:00 Setup/registrering

10:00 - 12:15 Game 1/Runda 1

12:15 - 13:15 Lunch

13:15 - 15:30 Game 2/Runda 2

15:30 - 15:45 Break/Rast

15:45 - 18:00 Game 3/Runda 3

18:00 - 18:15 Break/Rast

18:15 - 20:30 Game 4 /Runda 4

Söndag 30/9

10:00 - 12:15 Game 5/Runda 5

12:15 - 13:15 Lunch

13:15 - 15:30 Final/grudgematch

15:30 - 15:45 Break/Rast

15:45 - 16:30 Prize cermony/ Pris utdelning

 What should I bring?

  1. Your team - The models can come from any company. All models must be clearly numbered and recognizable as what they are supposed to represent.
  2. 2 copies of your team's roster - One that you use during the tournament and one for the judges. All players must be named.
  3. Dice (block/d8/d6) templates - Matches to be played with standard block dice (from GW or NAF) unless the players the coaches themselves will agree otherwise.
  4. Blood Bowling field, dugouts - you will probably not need use your own but it is never wrong with extra.

 Tournament format:

  • Rescurrection - you play with the same team each round. 6-matches over Saturday / Sunday. Swiss Pairings game 2-5.
  • Blood Bowl Competition rules (LR 6.0) + slann, underworld and chaos pact
  • All painted team will receive an extra cheerleader and assistant coach for free. Painting is assessed on site at least 3 colors and bases, and painted the whole model is required.
  • Overtime - No overtime are played and if the match is tied after two halves the game ends as a draw. Exceptions to this rule is final and the match for 3rd place play overtime as of LR 6.0
  • Weather - Weather rolled by top table at the start of each round and thus is the same in all matches.
  • Kickoff table - We will have our kickoff table.

Team creation:

  • Tier 1 team - 1250K: Each player may purchase up to one "normal" skill. Tier 1 team has to be worth exactly 1.25 million in Team Value including skills and inducements. Tier 1 teams are all teams that are not in tier 2 or 3.
  • Tier 2 teams - 1270K: Each player may purchase up to one "normal" skill. One player may have a "double" skill rather than their "normal" or a "stacked" skill beyond their "normal". Tier 2 teams must be worth exactly 1.27 million in Team Value including skills and inducements. Tier 2 teams are: Chaos, Chaos pact, Elf, High Elf, Human, Khemri, Nurgle, Slann.
  • Tier 3 teams - 1300K: Each player may purchase up to one "normal" skill. Two players may have a "double" skill rather than their "normal" or a "stacked" skill beyond their "normal". Tier 3 teams must be worth exactly 1.3 million in Team Value including skills and inducements. Tier 3 teams are: Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Underworld, Vampire.
  • “Normal skill” is a skill a player can take in a normal raise.
  • “Double skill” is a skill a player can take if he would rolling a double.
  • “Stacked skill” is another normal skill of a player who already bought a normal skill (ie 2 normal skills on a player).
  • You may purchase inducements (except for cards) which is included in your TV when you create your team, including star players according to the usual restrictions (ie 0-2 star players, the team must first have 11 regular players). You can buy Briebes, Chef, Wizard, Igor, Wandering apotecary with the same restrictions / discounts that your team would normally have.
  • Non-pork: You may only buy a certain skill 3 times for your team regardless of whether it is bought as normal or double.

Extra rules during gameplay

  • If two teams that play against each other has hired the same star player, he/she is not a member of either team during the match as he/she sits in the stands and counts his money.


After each match

65pts - Win

30pts - Draw

10 pts - Loss

2pts - per TD made

2pts - per CAS made from a block

Tiebreakers: If two teams have the same score the order is determined with following tiebreakers in descending order: number of game won, TD balance, CAS balance, first registered.

Final / Grudgematch

The two teams with the highest score (pts) after five rounds will meet in the final where the winner become NärkeBowl champion.

The two coaches who end up 3rd and 4th in points after five rounds meet in a game for third prize.

Other coaches will be play a final grudgematch against someone they have not met during the tournament.

Prizes / awards

NärkeBowl will award prizes for:

  1. 1st - 4: place
  2. Going For It (Mostly made TD's)
  3. Big Bully (Most distributed CAS)
  4. Mini me (best ranked Goblins, Ogre or Halfling team)
  5. Wooden Spone (last place in the tournament)

A coach can only win one prize / award. Most CAS goes to the outside of the top 3 that have scored the most CAS and so on.

Prices are from Gaspez arts -


There are no sleeping facilities at the school but you can sleep at the home of participants from Örebro, air mattress or in a guest bed / on the couch. If interested, give us a notice and you will be contacted with one Örebro coach. For those of you who want a little more comfortable, there are hotels nearby, but we have no special deal with any hotel.

NärkeBowl 2012

29-30 september, Örebro universitets Kårhuset.

Anmälan sker till med komplett laguppställning, namn, mobilnummer och ev. NAF -nummer senast 16/9. Kostnad 150 kr, betalning sker via paypal till Alla deltagare får tre specialdesignade blocktärningar, som är designade enligt nedan bild:



Lördag 29/9

09:30 - 10:00 Setup/registrering

10:00 - 12:15 Runda 1

12:15 - 13:15 Lunch

13:15 - 15:30 Runda 2

15:30 - 15:45 Rast

15:45 - 18:00 Runda 3

18:00 - 18:15 Rast

18:15 - 20:30 Runda 4

Söndag 30/9

10:00 - 12:15 Runda 5

12:15 - 13:15 Lunch

13:15 - 15:30 Final/grudgematch

15:30 - 15:45 Rast

15:45 - 16:30 Pris utdelning

Vad ska man ta med sig?

Ditt lag - Modellerna får komma från vilket företag som helst. Alla modellerna måste vara tydligt numrerade och igenkänningsbara som det de ska föreställa.

2 kopior av din team roster - En som du använder under turneringen och en till domarna. Alla spelare ska vara namngivna.

Tärningar (block/d8/d6), templates - Matcher ska spelas med standard blocktärningar (från GW eller NAF) om inte de spelande coacherna själva kommer överrens om annat.

Blood bowl plan, dugouts - Ni kommer förmodligen inte behöva använda era egna men det är aldrig fel med extra.


Tournament format:

  • Blood bowl Competition rules (LR 6.0) + slann, underworld and chaos pact
  • Rescurrection - dvs du spelar med samma lag varje omgång. 6-matcher över lördag/söndag. Swisslottning match 2-5.
  • Alla målade lag får en extra cheerleader och assistant coach gratis. Målning bedöms på plats men minst 3 färger och baser samt hela modellen målad krävs.
  • Förlägnning - Inga förlängningar spelas utan om det är oavgjort efter två halvlekar slutar matchen som oavgjord. Undantag för denna regel är finalen och matchen om 3:e plats som spelar förlängning enligt LR 6.0.
  • Väder - Vädret rullas av topp bordet i början av varje runda och är således likadant i samtliga matcher.
  • Kickoff table - Vi kommer att ha vår egen kickoff table.

Team creation:

  • Tier 1 lag - 1250K: Varje spelare får köpa max en "normal" skill. Tier 1 lag måste vara värt exakt 1250000 i Team Value inkl skills och inducements. Tier 1 lag är alla lag som inte är med i en annan Tier.
  • Tier 2 lag - 1270K: Varje spelare får köpa max en "normal" skill. En spelare får ha en "dubbel" skill istället för sin "normala" eller en "stackad" skill utöver sin "normala". Tier 2 lag måste vara värt exakt 1270000 i Team Value inkl skills och inducements. Tier 2 lag är: Chaos, Chaos pact, Elf, High Elf, Human, Khemri, Nurgle, Slann.
  • Tier 3 lag - 1300K: Varje spelare får köpa max en "normal" skill. Två spelare får ha en "dubbel" skill istället för deras "normala" eller en "stackad" skill utöver deras "normala". Tier 3 lag måste vara värt exakt 1300000 i Team Value inkl skills och inducements. Tier 3 lag är : Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Underworld, Vampire.
  • ”Normal skill” är en skill en spelare kan ta vid en vanlig höjning.
  • "Dubbel skill” är en skill en spelare kan ta om denne får välja en skill efter att ha slagit dubbelt på höjningsslaget.
  • ”Stackad skill” är en till normal skill på en spelare som redan köpt en normal skill (dvs 2 normala skills på en spelare).
  • Du får köpa inducements (utom kort) som räknas med i din TV, inkl. starplayers enligt de vanliga begränsningarna (dvs 0-2 starplayers, laget måste först ha 11 vanliga spelare). Du får således även köpa Briebes, Chef, Wizard, Igor, Wandering apotecary med samma begränsningar/rabatter som ditt lag vanligtvis skulle ha.
  • Icke-fläsk: Du får bara köpa till en viss skill 3 gånger till ditt lag oavsett om den är köpt som normal eller dubbel.

Extra rules during gameplay

Om två lag som möter varandra har hyrt in samma starplayer är denne inte med i något av lagen under matchen då den sitter på läktaren och räknar sina pengar.


Efter varje match

65pts - Vinst

30pts - Oavgjort

10 pts - Förlust

2pts - per TD gjord

2pts - per CAS motståndaren får mot sig

Tiebreakers: Om man har samma poäng avgörs ordningen i tabellen genom i fallande ordning: antal vunna matcher, TD balans, CAS balans, först anmäld.

De två som har högst poäng (pts) efter fem omgångar kommer mötas i final där vinnaren blir NärkeBowl mästare.

De två spelare som hamnar 3:a och 4:a i poäng efter fem omgångar möts i en match om tredje pris.

Övriga spelare lottas att spela en avslutande match mot någon de hittills inte mött under turneringen.


Närkebowl kommer dela ut priser och utmärkelser för:

  1. 1:a - 4:de plats
  2. Going For It (Mest gjorda TD's)
  3. Big Bully (Mest utdelad Cas )
  4. Mini me (bäst rankade stunty lag - dvs Goblins, Ogre eller Halflinglag )
  5. Wooden Spone (sist i turneringen)

En coach kan bara vinna ett pris/utmärkelse. Flest TD tillfaller därför den utanför top 3 som gjort flest TD:s. Flest CAS tillfaller den utanför top 3 som inte gjort flest TD osv.

Priserna kommer från Gaspez arts -


Det finns sovmöjligheter i anslutning till skolan hemma hos deltagare, golv på medtagen luftmadrass eller i en gästsäng/på en soffa. Vid intresse skriv det i anmälan så kommer du sättas i kontakt med en Örebroare som ordnar sovplats.

För er som vill ha det lite bekvämare finns det hotell i närheten, men vi har inget speciellt avtal med något hotell.

 /Coach M

Av T-side Ape - 12 juni 2012 21:34

I am really happy because I got some good Blood Bowl news today.

During the last weekend we hade a qualifier for the Swedish team for EuroBowl in october. I played with a Wood elf team and succeded to get 3:rd place (out of 22 coaches) after I lost the "final".


Wood elf Vs Ogre: 6-0

Wood elf Vs Skaven: 4-2

Wood elf Vs Dark elf: 3-2

Wood elf Vs Norse: 2-1

Wood elf Vs Dark elf: 1-2 (Final)

Today I got the message from the team captain that I am drafted for team Sweden with my Wood elf team: Äppelbo BK. Now It is just to train and to train hard.

The results from the whole turnament.

/Coach M

Av T-side Ape - 30 april 2012 15:35

This weekend I went to Stockholm on a short vaccation, and to play som blood bowl at Stock Bowl Cup II. The tournament was held in the outshirts of stockholm in a little dark youth revreation center but even thou the facilities wasnt top notch the coaches and people was great. The tournament was smooth without any hickups and I think all 14 coaches enjoyed themself (with one exeption that I will get to).


Team setup

2 wardancers (with stripp ball)

4 catchers (2 block, 2 wrestle)

5 linemen

3 rerolls

Match one. Skaven.

I got the ball kicked to me and tried to get a fast score. Missed my dodge (those ones!) and a gutter runner scored. I had Cased 3 players fast so I wasnt unlucky. Got the ball kicked to my again and scored fast. Then Skaven Cased 5 of my players before the half. he just rolled insane injuries. The game was close non the less but ended 2-3 to the vermin as I hadnt the players to pressure him enought.


Pictures from game 1. Second picture show my dead and injury both 2nd turn 2nd half.

Game 2. Undead. Team name "Streatfighters IV"

The second coach was a childhood friend that I hadnt played against in years. He hadnt played that much Blood Bowl this last years but I remember him as a solide coach from way back. I rolled a blitz against him after I had scored a quick TD with ment that I had a 2-0 lead after the first half. As he didnt CASed enougth players I could keep the pressure and won with 4-1.


Picture from my first drive down the left side and a second picture when he is struggling to keep the pieces together after my blitz.

Game 3. Orks.

The third coach was kind of grouchy when we started the game. His prior games had been awful and, well, I keep on rolling high. Wardancer harrased the ball and he didn´t get a break. 4-0 was the score in the end. He then left the tournament and went home.

Game 4. Orks.

I got a little taked aback after the last coach disappearance and felt a little guilty. This last coach was, on the other hand a real pleasent coach to play against and even thou he was a little enraged as he couldn´t get his CAS the first half (at games end he had 5 so it wasnt bad in any way) and his goblin couldnt land on his feet in his one turn attemts, it was a pleasent game. 3-0.

 Goddiebag content.

In total 13-4 in TD was the most TD:s in the tournament and 3 wins, +9TD got me the 2:nd place of all coaches. I got a miniature for my effort and a goodie bag as I had signed up early. The Stockbowl scene seems to have a lot of fast dodge teams: 4 Wood elfs, 1 dark elf, 2 skaven teams, 1 slann, 1 amazon. Next time I will bring some more tackle, maybe my new Chaos Dwarves, and wreck havoc.

As Stockbowl Cup was a qualifier for the Swedish team for EuroBowl 2012 and the winner didnt think he could go I hope that my 2:nd place will grant me his spot, but we will see...

One thing about Stockbowl that I would like to nit pick about: The tightness of the tournament. With 7 blood bowl fields in 7 square meter and just 2 hours per game without any pause between the games you where kind of fatigued at the end of the day.

Over all I was really happy with StockBowl and I will try to participate in the future.
/Coach M


This is a painting, modeling and gaming blog following my interests in miniature games. It is focused on the game Blood Bowl.

/ M.

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