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Av T-side Ape - 15 september 2012 21:33

Ok, lets summarize what has happened since recap #1. It has not been so much in the miniature market but for my interest in the kickstarter of DreadBall has grown. So most of this blogpost will be a long ramble off my opinion about that kickstarter.

New kids on the pitch

New Norse team from Mano di Porco,  12 players. There are some good new/old models in this team. The Troll has been around for a while but the players are newer. One problem with the team is that there is just one blitzer in those 12 players so you will have to buy one more of those on the side.

Franarscillas Nurgle team has changed manufacture to Meiko-miniature. As it is one of the greatest Nurgle teams on the market it is good to keep tabs on where you can get hold off one. The change off manufacture did bump the prize with 25-40%  so I´m glad I already have my Likröta BK.

Willy miniature has released some Goblin secret weapons that are really great. I really like the pogoer but I know that many fancy the chainsaw more.

I met a friend to play a game of BloodBowl as practice for EuroBowl and we talked a little about the Dreadball kickstarter. On the train home the idea that we talked about grow on me and I decided to write this thing. So on to the main course:


(and yeah, I think the name suck)

This upcoming game from Mantic is now reaching the second half of the kickstarter. As it seems it is going to be big as many a pleading. It is kind of new as the rules isn’t BB.  And It could even be a good game, but more about that later.

I am a real Blood Bowl fan boy. It is one of the greatest game that I know (with Robo Rally and Puerto Rico). Some of the things I love about BB are things that Dreadball (DB) could repeat. What are the things I love about Blood Bowl then:

  • Different ways to the goal. You can play a game in some different way and still come out with the win (Bash/Agility).
  • A miniature game there you do not have to have a million miniatures, you are fine with a team out of 11-16 players.
  • Tension with the turn over mechanic. You always have to prioritize what you will do first and what risk that is worth it. That makes a good balance of luck and skill the decision maker of who will win.

What difference will it be, the good and the bad.

  • DB seems as a faster game. That is good for new players and for tournament play. A DB game has a gaming time about 60-90 minutes. BB takes 110-140. In this hobby it is the painting that is the greatest time thief.
  • BB has easy rules compared to miniatures game, but DB rules seem even easier. The rules are more “Eurogame” in the meaning that the game is a more modern game. DB has fewer player types, less skills, less modifiers and seems easier to get a grip on. The rules also seems to have you making some hard decisions (you can just activate 5 out of 6 players, you can suffer a “turn over”, no new set up after scoring and so on).
  • Expansions. DB is a new game and the designer and Mantic has announced that it will be three expansions (season 2, Ultimate and Xtreme). The contrast to BB could not be greater as Gran Wendy has not released anything for BB for a long time. It has been a rumor on the net that it would come a new BB box with 4 team and so on but it has not happened and probably never will. The old BB fan base is also so conservative that, when cyanide (who is making the computer version) is releasing a new roaster – Khorne – in their next version of the computer game, the coaches seem almost fear full that it will “break” the game. On the other hand has the designer for DB said that he will use the expansions to twist his new game (many based robots and monsters, 3D terrain and more). That could make the game fly high in the beginning just to make it crash and burn is future expansions if the coaches wont recognize it any longer.
  • A new fanbase. If DB gets as many fans as BB has it will be great but if DB gets players that are 14-20 years old instead out of BB older clientele it will not. I will try to recruit my league with BB-players, because most of them are great pals, but many of them play BB out of sentimental reasons, or habit.

If Mantic doesn’t make Gran Wendies mistakes, like giving up on a great game, not supporting the fan community, just will have their own miniatures in their tournaments and so on, Dreadball has a good change to be a new top game. I will gladly play DB when it is released. I will try to get a league running and I will promote it. In five years I know I still will be playing Blood Bowl, but I do not know if I will be playing DreadBall, we will have to see how Mantic handle it.

Bowl overview

NärkeBowl 2012 - 29-30 september - Format Swiss/res TV1250K. NAF

Nordsken - 29 september  Swiss/res TV1100K.

EuroBowl - 20 - 31 October - in Copenhagen. Format Swiss/res TV1100K + 3/3 skills. NAF

Stockbowl cup III - 10 November - in the Swedish Capital are today full at 24 coaches. Format Swiss/res TV1100K + 5 skills. NAF

Ready steady go!

The dice for NärkeBowl are in and ready. I have had a lot of reading in my studies so I have just finished 3 more skavens since last and rebuild the blitzers and a rat ogre. You will have to wait for the next update to see them thou and I hope they all will be painted till then.


/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 2 september 2012 16:30

With this entry will Bowlesqe Exposure change its focus in some regard. Up to this point it has been a blog mainly following my escapades in miniature gaming – i.e., painting, modeling and playing in tournaments. From here on the topic will be fantasy football but the format will be post every other, every third week with three points of subjects:

  1. New kids on the pitch – a review over the newest miniatures just released on the market and a summary of interesting “kick starters”.
  2. Bowl overview – upcoming tournaments in Sweden and sum ups of tournament I’ve been to.
  3. Ready steady go! – What I have finished since last post, on the way to have all the 24 teams and 58(?) star players painted for Blood Bowl.

That is the idea anyhow. We all know that sometimes life gets in the way and it then will be a longer break than two weeks between posts, sometimes shorter, but that is life.

New kids on the pitch

In the future this section will cover what has happened since last post. As this is the first is it kind of hard to sum up everything this far. Therefore will I just focus on some of the latest teams that are new this fall and point you to my list “Golden age of Blood Bowl” if you want older ones.

Impact Ape-team is a new team with Apes as players. You can use it as a proxy Orc, Chaos Dwarf or really any team. The models are great and reminds me of planet of apes, the old movie. I think I will have to make a human team out of them... As Laughing Ferret most brilliantly already has done. 

Bauedas Night Talon is a new team from a new manufacture. Bauedas have something they call Trogball where the Night Talons play and they are announcing that they will be releasing a female orc team in the future. The sculpts of the Night Talons has not convinced me but it is always nice with more manufactures of miniatures.

Neomics have two new teams, a Rat team and an Underworld team. Both teams have great models and that underworld team is also the first underworld team I have seen on the whole market. It I was not building my own I would have bought that.

Franarcilla has six new Ogres and they are all great. The sculpts seems to be inspired from the 2:nd edition blood bowl ogres with I think is the way to go.

Greebo Mawar-team is a team of ratmen in football uniforms. Very nice for a skaven team, now with a big guy.

Greebo also have a Kickstarter for a Nippon Goblin team with some mutated turtles, rats and bebops. I can really recommend you to take a look at this great team!

Mantic Dread Ball may not be great models for BloodBowl as the miniature is too much Science Fiction but the game has got a great backing at the kickstarter and has a possible to be new great game in a Speedball 2 setting. I have already pledged and sat this morning to brainstorm team names. With the team Brutal Delux from Speed ball 2 as a model I had names as “Lunar-Astro Overdrive”, “Endless Cowboys”, “Android runners”, “Multi-motion copy cats”, “Zero polarity”, “Radical swing-robots” and “Jump Rebels 3030” on my pad not before long. The future (year 3030) will se some of this teams come true as I have all four teams coming my way. (me and a friend have pledged at the cheerleader level).

For more Blood Bowl miniature guiding, se The Golden Age of BloodBowl.

Bowl overview

The fall of 2012 has some great possibilities to play Blood Bowl at tournaments in Sweden. One tournament per month is great a allot better then prior years. That 3 out of 4 is NAF-sanctioned is also a great leap forward!

NärkeBowl 2012 - 29-30 september - is the next upcoming tournament in the middle of Sweden. It is the 3:d tournament that I am a part of organizing and we have a lot of coaches registred already. Last registration is 16 september. New for this week is that places 1 to 4 get prizes and that all coaches gets 3 special block dices. Format Swiss/res TV1250K. NAF

NärkeBowl Block dice schematics 

Nordsken - 29 september - a Blood bowl tournament on the gaming con Nordsken. Collides with NärkeBowl so I cant attend. Swiss/res TV1100K.

EuroBowl - 20 - 31 October - in Copenhagen, Denmark is the big bang during the fall of 2012. The teams are filing in and it seem to be a great tournament. New for this year is that you can play in a individual tournament. Format Swiss/res TV1100K + 3/3 skills. NAF

Stockbowl cup III - 10 November - in the Swedish Capital have today 14 coaches registred, I am one of those with Ziggurat Showstoppers. Format Swiss/res TV1100K + 5 skills. NAF

Ready steady go!

(or what I have achived...)

The White Thrash Rats are getting they game face on. At the moment 4 converted and painted linerats are completted.

 Twitch-ich Run-un and his three friends. 

I am still pondering if, or rather how, I should change the prior made blitzers. I am not so keen on their look at the moment. But I also have to paint a linerat, two throwers and four gutter runners so I aint in no hurry to decide.

Thats all for now, bowl on!

/Coach M

Av T-side Ape - 1 september 2012 16:30

Some time ago I wrote a message about where you could buy some lovely blood bowl miniatures. I have now made a new updated list in this post (and i will try to keep it updated in the future [updated: 2013 05 30] ). The homepages are ordered in the order I would visit them. I like franarcilla and Gaspez alot and Shadowforge not that much but feel free to brows thru them in any order you like. Most of the additions to the list comes from , a fantastic forum if you are in to fantasy fotboll games.

Miniaturas Franarcilla

Gaspez arts

Impact! Miniatures


Willy Miniatures

Uscarl miniature


Mano di Porco

Games Workshop (for old BB miniatures: Blood Bowl miniature Archive)

Black Scorpion miniatures
Goblin Forge

Green Dog miniatures
Hasslefree Miniatures

Heresy Minatures

Shadowforge Miniatures (miniatures now at Eureka miniatures)

Necrom studio

Meiko miniatures

Bauedas miniature

Mantic Dread Ball


I saw a post on  where the user Spiky had arranged the diffrent teams by race so you could look into the team you where intressed in. I have rearranged the teams with some recomendations and also added a few he hadnt included but Spiky made the orginal foundament for this next list.


My team: Nun Shall Pass - Shadowforge Nun Gridiron Team

Impact timberline elfs

Greebo Alyon team 

Greebo Silvania

Warlord Games Dwarf Ladies

Impact! Valkyries

Impact! Black Widows

Shadowforge Bunny Gridiron Team

Shadowforge Female Gridiron Team

Bauedas Night Talon

Games workshops amazon team

My favorite chaos team: Willy miniatures Chaos team

Gaspez Chaos

Neomics Chaos

Mano di porko Chaos

Impact! Samhaino

Impact! Siringit

Games workshops Chaos all stars

Chaos Pact
My favorite chaos pact team: your own custom build

Impact! Siringit

Gaspez Chaos Pact

Neomics Pact

Chaos Dwarf

My team: Ziggurat Showstoppers - Greebo Volmarian and Hobgoblins from Games workshops,
minotaur from Uscarl Miniatures Chaos Dwarves

Gaspez Chaos Dwarves

Impact! Black Rock Dwarves

Impact Ape-team

Impact! Siringit

Dark Elf
My favorite Dark elf team: Gaspez Dark Elves

Impact! Black Widows

Shadowforge Wicked Elf Gridiron Team

Neomics Dark Elves

Bauedas Night Talon

Games workshop Naggaroth nightmares

My favorite Dwarf teams: Gaspez pirate Dwarfs AND Neomics Biker Dwarfs

Black scorpion dwarf team

Warlord Games Dwarf Ladies 

Greebo Legio 

Impact! Thunder Hammer Dwarves 

Shadowforge Dwarfette Gridiron Team

Games Workshop The grudgebearers


My favorite Elf team: gaspez-arts Savage Elf And Impact timberline elfs

Gaspez arts Elves
Neomics Elves 

Greebo Alyon 

Shadowforge Female Elf Gridiron Team

Games workshops orginal Elf team

My favorite Goblin team: Greebo Nippon Goblin team

Neomics Goblins 

Meiko miniatures Goblin team with 2 trolls 

Gaspez Goblin Circus

Uscarls the Goboz 

Impact! Gnomes 

Games workshop Goblin team


My favorite Halfling team: Games workshop Halfling team
Impact! Gnomes 

Impact! Deadlings 

Greebo Buggers

High Elf
My favorite High elf team: Greebo Alyon and Black Scorpions Human team 

Gaspez Prince Elves team 

Neomics Elves

Shadowforge Female Elf Gridiron Team

Games workshop The Galadrieth Gladiators

My favorite Human team: Impact Ape-team

Neomics human team

Black Scorpion

Impact! Middle Kingdoms

Impact! Desert Dogs

Impact! Multi-Part Humans

Shadowforge Nun Gridiron Team

Shadowforge Bunny Gridiron Team

Shadowforge Female Gridiron Team

Games workshop Human team


My favorite Khemri team: Willy Egyptian team

Gaspez team egyptian warriors

Impact! Pharoahs

Games workshop Khemri team

My favorite Lizardmen team: Impact Sarcos (Greebo)

Gaspez Camaleonti

Games workshop Lustrian Cobras

My favorite Necromantic team: Willy miniatures necro

Greebo Necro

Gaspez Necro

Mano di Porco

Impact! Samhaino

Impact! Deadlings

Greebo Halloweenies

Games workshop Necromancer team


My favorite Norse team: Greebo Snö team

Uscarls Scots
Gaspez Nord

Mano di porco Norse team

Impact! Valkyries

Games workshop Norse Rampagers


My team: Likröta BK - Franarcilla rotten with beast of Nurgle converted from a Chthonian Larva - rackham miniatures

Neomics Plague Mutants

Gaspez Putridi

Games workshop Nurgle rotters & Nurgle team


My favorite Ogre team: Impact Scotlings

Franarscillas ogres
Greebo Buggers

Impact! Gnomes

Impact!/Heresy Ogres & Imps

Impact! Siringit

Games workshop Ogre team



My team: New Orks on the Block: Games workshop Orcs with extra Franarscilla big orcs
Gaspez Arts Orc

Neomics Orcs
Greebo Orcs in uniform

Necrom studios orcs

Black Scorpion

Shadowforge Female Orc Gridiron Team
Impact! Siringit

Impact Ape-team

Games workshop The Orcland raiders 



My team: White Rat Thrashers: Games workshop clan rats and crypt ghouls

Neomics rats

Black scorpions vermin team

Gaspez Mice 

Impact! Ratmen

Greebos Mawar team

Green Dog Rats

Games workshop Skavenblight scramblers

My favorite Slann team: Green dogs Thalassianos

Greebo Frogs

Impact! Calasain
Goblinforge French Frogs

Gaspez Frog Men


My favorite Undead team: Willy Miniatures Undead

Gaspez Undead

Comixininos/Mani Di Porco

Greebo Halloweenie

Impact! Deadlings

Games workshop Champions of death

My favorite underworld team: Neomics underworld

See Goblin and Skaven teams for fitting miniatures.



My team: The Super Suckers: Gaspez Vampires and Thralls from FF-store/Neomics humans

Games workshop Vampire team


Wood Elf

My team: Äppelbo BK: Gaspez savage Elves with Treeman from GW

Maiko miniatures Wood elves with tree man

Black scorpion elf team

Greebo Sylvania

Impact! Timberline Elves

Shadowforge Female Elf Gridiron Team

Games Workshop The Athelorn Avengers

Other Blood Bowl links

Fantasy Bowl dices - Makes counters for diffrent fantasy fotball teams and some nice sideline figures.

Sanabeso custom fields - If you want to design your own field and dugout

JB deamon studios - makes some nice blood bowl models

Welcome to the golden age of Blood Bowl gaming!

/Coach M.


This is a painting, modeling and gaming blog following my interests in miniature games. It is focused on the game Blood Bowl.

/ M.

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