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Av T-side Ape - 31 december 2012 10:57

2013 was my "best" Blood Bowl year this far. In this recap I will look back and see what happend.


Finished the painting of my Nurgle team Likröta BK. 15 miniatures.



Painted a Weather goblin. 1 Miniature (16 in total)


Played at GothBowl with the Nurgle team but got trashed. Read this recap. Conclussion: Nurlge is a hard tournament team.

In the last weekend of April I tried my luck in StockBowl Cup II and got second place with Wood Elves out of 16 coaches. Never met the one who got first place.


Organized an participated in a selection tournament for Team Sweden for EuroBowl. I ended at place 3 out of 22 coaches with Wood elves.


Finished the painting of my Chaos Dwarves team Ziggurath Showstoppers. 15 models (31 in total)


Also in the late september I organized the Blood Bowl tournament NärkeBowl 2012, see this pictures.


Team Sweden went to Copenhagen to participate in EuroBowl. Team Sweden ended 8/14 and I got 66/112 in the individuall standing. Se this recap from the tournament.


Finished the painting of my Skaven team White Rat Thrashers. 15 Models (46 in total)



The last month of 2012 I painted 4 reinforcement thralls for my Vampire team - Pennybridge Super Suckers. 4 models (50 in total).


I also bagun painting a amazon/human-team for my fiancee. 6 models (56 in total). The team name is undetermined but "Nun shall pass" is maybe the hotest candidate at the moment.


Lastly during December 2012 I got elected as the new Team Leader for Team Sweden 2013. It is a great honor and I hope to be able to chose coaches for team Sweden during the Spring 2013.

I hope 2013 bring as much great Blood Bowl experience as 2012 has. For tournaments GothBowl and EuroBowl is mandatory. I will go to DOUBT next week and I think about going to the NAF championship (25th & 26th May 2013 - Nottingham).

For organizing I will organize a selection tournament for Team Sweden during the spring and a practice weekend for the team in September.

2012 I painted 56 models in total. That aint so much but it doubled the number of finished teams. Now I have 6 painted teams. For 2013 I hope to finish 2-4 more, beyond the rest of the amazons.

Happy New Year!

Lard / Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 19 augusti 2012 17:24


The feeling of having finished a whole team is great. In the beginning I thought that this project would be easy and fast but it took six months... Now I just have to practice with Chaos Dwarves so Ziggurat Showstoppers can join both NärkeBowl and StockBowl Cup III and stop some shows, hard.

I have some great possibilities of this because of the Chaos Dwarf player for Eurobowls team Sweden lives in my hometown and we practice a bit to be able to perform at EuroBowl.

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 30 maj 2012 09:29

Painting models

The Ziggurat Showstoppers are almost done. It is just some hobgoblins left and the basing of the team. The number one problem in painting in Sweden is the weather. If it is rainy it is so dark that you have to sit under a bright lamp to see, and if it is sunny it is really hot so the paint dries fast. This later is the problem at this season. To paint with a wet pallette is the trick but it is also a hassle.


Buying models

Bought some models from Gaspez this month - some reinforcements for my Wood elfs (extra linemen) and for my vampire (extra thralls - 8 aint enought) plus some Starplayers. I also bought Willy minitarues really fine undead team throu Gaspez, and with my pair of Franarscilla flesh golems (1,2) it will also dubble as a Necromantic team (they fits nicley as franarscilla also is the sculptor of - at least - the mummies and wights in the Willy team). 

Today the packet arrived (after maybe 4-5 days, so really fast) and Gaspez had put in 2 extra models and some shoulderpads. I have ordred models from many diffrent producers (impact, greebo, uscarl by others) and nobody has ever put in something extra in my orders. But Gaspez puts in 3 free models! I will use this extras as prizes in Mid Norsca Derby that runs 9-10 june in Örebro (Pennybridge).

The teams I have but not started to painted yet:

Norse team

Undead/Necromantic team

Amazon/human team

Chaos team

Lizardmen team

Skaven team

It is a little depressing but also totally normal for a Blood Bowl Coach.

/Coach M.

Av T-side Ape - 19 april 2012 22:47

Bullcentaur done.

/coach M

Av T-side Ape - 10 mars 2012 12:19

I am painting my first dwarf at the moment and are working on the colors. The model arn finished yet but the progress so far looks like this:


The pictures are taken in bad lightning. C&C are welcome.

On other Blood Bowl accounts I can recomend some links for you to visits besides those I have written about earlier.

Fantasy Bowl dices - Makes counters for diffrent fantasy fotball teams and some nice sideline figures.

Sanabeso custom fields - If you want to design your own field and dugout

JB deamon studios - makes some nice blood bowl models

/Coach M.


This is a painting, modeling and gaming blog following my interests in miniature games. It is focused on the game Blood Bowl.

/ M.

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